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The Brown Internal Medicine - Pediatrics Residency Program

Oct 12, 2020

Welcome to the Brown/Rhode Island Hospital Residency Program in Pediatrics! Our program includes 16 categorical, 4 Med-Peds, and 3 Triple Board residents every year and we are the only pediatric residency in the state of Rhode Island.

The Brown/Hasbro Pediatric Residency is an academic program geared towards training clinically skilled, empathetic pediatricians who will become tomorrow’s leaders in child health in an environment of diversity and inclusion.

Our mission is to:

1. Foster a training environment geared at sharpening clinical skills through evidence-based medicine and embracing a collaborative team-based approach when caring for children.

2. Provide opportunities for residents to explore the various specialties within pediatrics and to engage in academic scholarship that would enable them to be successful in whatever field they choose

3. Prepare residents with leadership, advocacy and research skills that will allow them to be child health pioneers in their chosen fields.

4. Train residents to be leaders and advocates for social change